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Important COVID-19 Updates


We're taking added precautions to keep our clients and appraisers safe during COVID-19 outbreak.

We also recognize that now than ever our clients rely on our services.


Here is our Full Appraisal Inspection format while we are under this state of emergency for COVID-19.

 Normal, full interior inspections will be completed as usual on:

  1. Vacant new construction dwellings

  2. Vacant MLS purchase dwellings

Since the guidance on this virus is that it can take up to two weeks for symptoms to arise, it is not enough anymore to just confirm that the home owner is not displaying symptoms.  We believe the most socially responsible action at this time is to limit exposure to the home owner and us as real estate appraisers.  We are accomplishing this by completing a virtual inspection of the property. 

All other full interior inspections will be completed as follows:

  1. The appointment will be scheduled as usual and the home owner prepared for the visit.

  2. The appraiser will present him/herself at the front door and interview the home owner as usual keeping in line with social distancing and avoiding all contact.

  3. The home owner and appraiser will link via “FaceTime” or other video application and virtually tour the property with the appraiser.  Pictures of every room in the dwelling, furnace, and electrical panel will then be provided by the home owner to the appraiser electronically.

  4. The appraiser will conduct the normal exterior inspection of the property, measure for square footage where applicable, look inside windows where possible.

The written appraisal report will include all appropriate Extraordinary Limiting Conditions and Extraordinary Assumptions outlining:

  Every attempt was made to determine all physical characteristics of the subject property inside and out but are limited by the technology used for the interior inspection.  There is no substitute for the physical inspection.

  1. The lender has consented and is aware of the interior inspection being completed in this manor.

  2. All assumptions with respect to the interior condition of the subject property are true.

  3. Scope of Work will outline all of the above and all sources of information used in this assignment will be clearly stated.

  4. Value range will be concluded.

  5. Report will also include a cautionary note regarding the current economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


This will be updated as our environment changes.

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